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Bruckner Upzoning and Jacobi Project

On August 30th, pro project protesters rallied in front of FoodTown Supermarket on Bruckner Blvd and Crosby Ave. They were there to show support for 2 community projects; Bruckner Upzoning and Just Home/Jacobi. One important aspect of this "pro protest" is that the protesters do not live in either community affected by these projects. They stand to gain monetarily from both projects. The communities are fighting for their right to live where and how they choose.  

When did we lose our rights? Why are the concerns of these communities being overlooked?
The pro crew are nothing but schoolyard bullies. These are two working class communities. 
We will stick together and fight these projects together. Not here, not now, not ever.

Committee to Elect Phyllis Nastasio
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