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Meet Phyllis Tiz Nastasio

The 'Quality of Life' Candidate 


Phyllis Nastasio, or Tiz as everyone knows her, is a Bronx native with a deep rooted love for her borough. Phyllis was born and raised in the Bronx and continues to live, work, and raise her own family in the only place she has ever called home. Her passion for her community is unmatched.

Phyllis attended Fordham University and went directly into teaching at local public school. Not only did she fall in love with teaching Bronx youth, she also fell in love with her husband of 30 years. They later went to raise a family, consisting of two children and a goofy pup. Phyllis switched over from the public school system to volunteer at the Catholic school her children attended. While both of her children are now adults, she continues to stay involved at the school and has been teaching there for over 15 years.

Beyond teaching, Phyllis has volunteered in various programs over the years - from coaching basketball and baseball to after school tutoring - with a goal of helping children receive the most well-rounded early education possible. She is also on the Community Board: Education, Culture, and Youth Services Committee, Chairman of the Bronx Columbus Day parade, and her school's union delegate. Her experience in education has made repairing the education system an utmost priority for her. 

A heavy emphasis on improving education for all of Bronx's youth is not all Phyllis is passionate about. In 2019, NY changed bail reform laws, which allowed more and more offenders to be released back into the communities prior to proper rehabilitation. The statistical rate in which crime has increased speaks for itself. This sparked Phyllis to take action in any way she could. Within the last few years, she has joined multiple organizations that work on keeping the community she cares so much about safe. This includes: 

  • Community Board member: Co-Chair of the Public Safety Committee
  • Precinct Council Executive Board 
  •  Member of the Morris Park Community Association
  •  Member of Allerton International Merchants Association 
  • FIAME Executive Board  Director
  • Graduate of Citizens Police Academy 

 As your Assemblywoman, Phyllis will restore the quality of life that has disintegrated in Bronx communities. Phyllis prides herself on fighting side by side with you, never against you.


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