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The three most important issues I am focusing on are Education, Bail Reform, and Quality of Life.


As a school teacher and parent, I know how important it is for all children to have a quality education. Our students in the Bronx are not getting the best education available. The DOE spends an exorbitant amount of money per student for a less than acceptable education. As Assemblywoman I will work to make sure we audit the DOE to see where those funds are being spent. The UFT has total control over our democratic elected officials in return for an endorsement. I will never accept an endorsement from them.

I will also work to create a bill to offer parents more of a choice in their child’s education. Whether it is more charter schools or tax credit towards parochial school, all students should have the same educational advantages.

Bail Reform

In 2019, New York State passed bail reform which has had a continuously negative impact on the Bronx ever since. Crime rates have skyrocketed and the Bronx is now home of the highest crime rate in NYC. With more and more lives being lost to street violence, it is imperative for elected officials to make changing bail reform a priority. Both courts and elected officials must recognize the difference between a fair and prompt trial compared to releasing repeat offenders back into the community prior to having completed proper rehabilitation through the justice system.

Quality of Life

Over the past 20+ years, the quality of life for New Yorkers has been on a continuous downward spiral. Garbage pollution, graffiti, and noise pollution are issues all Bronx natives deal with on a regular basis. One issue that is not addressed enough because of the demographic affected is the deplorable living conditions the NYCHA condemns its residents to.  No one should ever be subjected to live in the conditions that neither former nor current elected officials have done anything to improve. 

The living conditions in the NYCHA complexes is one of the first issues I will take on. I will work to improve building safety by implementing lighting and cameras, both on the inside and outside of the buildings. Additionally, I will address mold issues, lack of heat, holes in walls, and any other unacceptable living conditions in these NYCHA's buildings.

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